Welcome to our Practice

For over 30 years, our practice has been dedicated to helping our patients with their oral surgery needs. Our goal is always to provide a professional environment with the quality of care that you expect in an Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery practice. We are confident that our friendly staff will exceed your expectations to make you feel right at home.  Whether you are being referred by your general dentist, dental specialist, family or friend, we are confident you will receive the highest quality of care you could hope for.


We are dedicated in providing the highest quality of care to our patients and community.  Our commitment to the health and safety of our patients and team is our top priority. 

As of May 18, 2020 re-opened our offices to begin treating patients again.  Upon doing so, we have implemented  thorough screening and infection control aligned with the American Dental Association (ADA), U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). We assure you that we will continue to be up-to-date with any new rulings or guidance that may be issued. We are confident you will find that our infection control procedures are taken seriously to adhere to each agencies’ recommendations.

Our Mission Statement

As the premier oral, maxillofacial and reconstructive surgery practice in the southwest suburbs, we are dedicated to providing outstanding surgical care for our patients in a friendly and professional environment.  We are equally committed to our referring practices in assisting them to reach the pinnacle of success through continuing educational programs and exemplary service.

Our Commitment

Convenience – We want your visit to our office to be as easy as possible. Appointments are scheduled conveniently and promptly to meet your needs. Our Doctors have hospital privileges at area hospitals. They can admit patients to these hospitals and perform inpatient procedures; they can also perform outpatient procedures in the office or in the hospital.

Communication – If a surgical procedure is necessary, we will explain the procedure to you in detail. When patients have a better understanding of what to expect, they typically feel more comfortable with the process.  Our Doctors have had many years of clinical and surgical experience and can handle the most delicate surgical procedures with ease and efficiency.

Comfort – Your comfort is top priority in all phases of the process, including the use of anesthesia. Our Doctors’ comprehensive anesthesia training provides complete comfort for our patients with local anesthesia, oral sedation or general anesthesia.  

Consideration – Perhaps most importantly, doctors refer their patients to our practice because of their confidence with our extensive surgical training, along with, the complete professional care each patient receives.

Patient Rights – This practice believes each patient has a right to:

  • Considerate and respectful care
  • See our Doctors each time you visit the office with an appointment
  • Personal and informational privacy
  • Know in advance the type and expected costs of treatment
  • Expect Our Doctors and staff to follow appropriate infection control
  • Inquire about treatment alternatives and be told the advantages and disadvantages of each
  • Refuse treatment to the extent permitted by law and be informed of consequences of this action
  • Be informed of the education and training of our doctors and staff
  • Be informed of the professional rules, laws and ethics that governs the practice and its employees

Patient Responsibilities – This practice believes each patient is responsible for:

  • Provide to the best of our knowledge, accurate and complete information about present symptoms, past illnesses, hospitalizations, medications, and other matters regarding your health
  • Follow the treatment plan recommended
  • Properly fulfill the financial obligations of care
  • Follow rules and regulations affecting patient care and conduct
  • Be considerate of the rights of other patients and office personnel